This contains the list of Kickstarter playing cards which I am doing a pre-order.

We all know how expensive it is to pledge for a single playing deck on kickstarter only to pay the price of US$7-11 just to ship it outside of the US. This is true when the playing cards are manufactured in the US.

What we are hoping to do is to lower that shipping cost by  consolidating enough orders to do a big volume order to get a low shipping costs. We know that there are people who buy the cards in bricks and sell them in order to pay for a low shipping rate but the hassle of trying to resell the cards is a time consuming process and it doesn’t guarantee that you will always find a buyer for your extra decks.

What does Red Hands do?

We will offer a pre-order for you to purchase decks of projects which we support. We will offer the playing cards at a reasonable rate to you and you determine how many decks and what kind of decks to purchase. If the Kickstarter project is successfully funded, we will charge buyer who do a pre-order with Red Hands. Payment will be done through Paypal or if you reside in Singapore, we can do a bank transfer.

So what happens next?

Buyers who did a pre-order will have to wait for the playing cards to reach Red Hands and we will deliver the decks to pre-orders buyers.

How long is the pre-order period end?

The pre-order period varies project from project. We may start the per-order period when the project is still receiving pledges in Kickstarter or we can start pre-order only after the project gets funded in Kickstarter.

What happens after the pre-order period?

People who wish to buy the decks will need to pay the retail price offered by Red Hands and pre-order prices will no longer be available. It always pays if you’re an early buyer on Red Hands.

Each of these links will direct you to the pre-ordering page of each respective project. The page will contain relevant information of the decks itself such as:

  • Price
  • Types of decks
  • Special add-ons (if any)

We mostly cater to collectors in Singapore since we are located in Singapore and that makes passing of goods easier. However, we do not reject card collectors within Asia as long as you agree to the shipping costs.

Here are the projects that we are doing a pre-order:

Heros of the Nations
Day of the Dolls
HANA Luxury playing cards
Realms boxes
Realms Playing Cards

Please read the following very carefully as it spells out the risk you will be undertaking should you decide to place a pre-order with Red Hands.

You have to understand that projects funded through carries a certain risk in itself. Projects that do not meet the funding requirement will not go live at the end of the project cycle. Should this happen to your pre-order, the funds will be fully refunded within 7 days of the unsuccessful funding.

Projects that are successfully funded may also not be fulfilled due to a variety of reasons both real or imagined by the creator. If this happens, there will be no refunds to your pre-order placement unless the project creator does a refund.

Projects that are successfully funded and delivered to Red Hands will then be sent to people who did a pre-order and paid for it. Delivery times may vary according to the country you reside in. All shipment will be fulfilled using Singpost. Prices of postage will be confirmed between Red Hands and buyer before final payment is made.

Should you have any further inquiries, please use the Contact Me page.

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