Omnia Suprema

This is Suprema, the limited edition release of Omnia: The First series of cards. This deck also includes an extra card which is the Queen of Heart on red back. As always, the extra card has a different design from the existing card. Once again, take a careful look at the red Queen of Hearts.


Here are some features about the deck:

  • 55 cards, including a red suicide queen
  • Red foil outside and inside the tuck box
  • Embossing
  • Master finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • Just 575 made

As with my earlier posts with Omnia: The First series, I will use Scrambled Decks‘s review for your viewing enjoyment. Even Giovanni himself says his videos give his decks the most detailed review. Go on and subscribe to his channel if you like his work. David deserves some loving for the work he puts in.


Thirdway Industries

Omnia: The First (Kickstarter)


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