Omnia Antica

Antica is the first deck under the Omnia: Golden Age series. In some ways, this is considered a prequel of the Omnia: The First project because this series showcases the ancestors of the characters in the prior series.

This deck do offer an extra card and that is the Queen of Hearts. As always with Giovanni Meroni, he offers something slightly different in the mirror image.


I have attached some specifications for your better understanding:

  • Dark Red Stardust Paper tuck box
  • Copper foil on tuck box, inside and outside
  • 2 metallic inks on faces, copper and gold
  • Unlimited version (2000+ decks printed)
  • 55 cards, including a copper suicide queen
  • Embossing
  • Classic finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

I have included a youtube review by Scrambled Decks for you viewing pleasure to appreciate the quality of the cards in the deck. If you like his work, go on and subscribe to his channel. More followers is always appreciated by a youtuber.


Thirdway Industries

Omnia: Golden Age (Kickstarter)


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