Omnia Perduta

This is the unlocked Perduta version of Omnia: Golden Age. If you had taken the time to read my other blog posts on Omnia decks, then you shouldn’t need any additional introduction on this deck. Personally, Perduta isn’t my favored deck in the entire Omnia series not because the design is poorer but simply because I don’t fancy green color. I must still give credit where credit is due, the green color gives the deck an eerie and mysterious feel. It is somewhat appealing but as I said, I don’t like the colour green. There is also an extra Queen of Hearts in Perduta much like the other Omnia decks.


Read on for the feature of this deck:

  • Dark Grey Stardust Paper tuck box
  • Emerald foil on tuck box, inside and outside
  • 2 metallic inks on faces, light-emerald and gold
  • Unlimited version (2000+ decks printed)
  • 55 cards, including a light-emerald suicide queen
  • Embossing
  • Classic finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

Last but not least, a youtube review by Scrambled Decks is below. Did I ever mention that Giovanni, the mastermind behind Thirdway Industries that creates these Omnia decks actually do work closely with Scrambled Decks? If not, then now I do. If you like the video, go on and subscribe to his channel for reviews of playing cards. You can request for him to do review of a deck you like and who knows, he might just oblige.


Thirdway Industries

Omnia: Golden Age (Kickstarter)


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