Wicked Kingdom

This is the Wicked Kingdoms playing  cards drawn by Wylie Beckert. The fact that the artist drew two faces of the Jack, Queen King of each suite is worthy of praise. The drawing of the top and the bottom shows a different emotion or state. Look through the pictures above and you will know what I am referring to. Wylie put in effort to draw very unique pictures and painstakingly provided a backstory for each character and you can read them on her website.

I think this deck will not only appeal to avid card collectors but for designers who appreciate good drawings and illustrations. I have added a youtube video from VJose32 Playing Card Archive to show you the cards in action and how it looks on hand.

I recently ordered some decks on her website and I got some surplus that I am looking to sell. The cards should reach me by beginning of March. In the mean time, I will include a form below for you to register your interest in getting a deck of her amazingly illustrated playing cards. It will be ideal if you’re located in Singapore because that is where I reside and we can arrange to meet up at a location which makes sense for both of us or I can mail it out to you using Singpost. If you’re located in Asia apart from Singapore, I can mail it overseas to you but you will have to fork out the postage fee.


Wicked Kingdom official website

Wicked Kingdom (Kickstarter project)


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