Märchen Playing Cards

Forge Arts‘ first project on Kickstarter is Märchen (fairy tales), a playing deck depicting German folklore figures both myth and legends. Who can tell the difference? I am not a big follower of German folklore but some of the characters in the Märchen deck have characters that I heard of because of Brothers Grimm. Characters like Hansel and Gretel and Pied Piper of Hamelin. The others characters are unfamiliar to me so I best not comment on them.

The Märchen series has two decks, Schwarzwald and Hamelin. The dark green box is Schwarzwald representing Germany’s “enchanted forest, home to wolves and devils, ghostly maidens and slumbering heroes, hidden caves and long-forgotten treasures.” The cream box is Hamelin “represents Germany’s majestic castles, towns, and villages. From the mightiest keep to the lowliest inn, they serve as centers of civilization and culture, safe havens from the terrors of the forest.”

The characters representing Kings, Queens and Jacks of each suit are named on the card itself so you know who they are. The drawings are done by Nicolai Aaroe and he has done a good job with the drawing and shading.

This may not be a popular deck with collectors outside of Europe but I urge you to take a look nonetheless and appreciate the art. To make this series even special, there will be a numbered seal on each deck like the one below.


The creator has also designed a special dealer coin for Märchen. One side is a special coat of arms while the other carries a subtle “M” shaped design.


We regret to inform all would-be interested parties that Red Hands will not be offering any form of pre-order for Märchen playing cards.


Märchen (Kickstarter project)

Forge Arts

Nicolai Aaroe Instagram



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