Constellations playing deck

“Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars. Cause you light up the path” So sings Chris Martin of Coldplay. This deck I’m going to introduce sure is full of stars upon which our forebears map out the twelve zodiacs. Never mind the thirteenth zodiac, Ophiuchus, because none of the fortune tellers has defined the traits, temperaments and lucky numbers for which part of the year Ophiuchuians should have. So we can conveniently overlook that for now and forever because having thirteen zodiacs just sounds like bad luck.

I don’t feel the need to explain the zodiacs since it is a topic and subject that has existed for millenniums. I do feel an obligation to point out that different cultures have their own variations of the zodiacs or horoscope and you can read them up here.

Back to the deck itself, Bocopo Playing Cards is using the “western” zodiac which I’m sure many people are familiar with. What strikes me the most is that the designs and colors are different for each sign. The thing that catches my eye the most is the design of the back of each deck of card. If you were to do a fan out of the cards, it will draw out a specific design, if you fan the cards in the opposite direction, it will show you a different pattern. There are a total 4 different designs from 4 different ways of fanning. The animated gifs you have seen before reaching here will have shown you exactly what I mean.


Constellation (Kickstarter project)

Bocopo Playing Cards

Bocopo Playing Cards (Facebook)




    • Hi Giorgos, we have yet to receive the cards from the manufacturer so we are unable to reply you with a price as yet. Kindly leave your contact details so that we can contact you once we have the cards


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