Realms Playing Cards

If one day you woke up finding that you are in a strange and unrecognisable place where you feel light and your body motions seem to slow down on you. There could be a few possibilities, that you’re still dreaming and everything is simply a dream or you could have an out of body experience because you’re already dead and your soul has left your body and has entered rebirth on the next stage in the wheel of life.

This is what Realms Playing Cards by Card Experiment is trying to convey in their latest Kickstarter project. Realms Playing Cards attempts to show you what Samsara is. It is the wheel of life. Then why not simply name it Wheel of Life? Because Samsara teaches that there six realms of existence, three good (heavenly, demi-god, human) and three evil realms (animal, ghosts, hellish). The only way to break the cycle is to achieve Nirvana or enlightenment. I will not talk about the concept further because my intention is to inform you about the cards and not spread religion. If you do want to understand more about Samsara, you can start with this wikipage.

Below are screen grabs from Realms Playing Cards kickstarter project page.

Realms will be offered in two different decks, Red and Blue. Card Experiment did not elaborate what is the significance in the two different decks so I’m gonna guess it is merely for aesthetics purposes.

Here are a list of product features for this playing card:

  • Gold and silver foil on tuckcase
  • Metallic gold and silver ink on cards
  • Custom foil seal (unlocked!)
  • Custom court cards (JQK), jokers and aces
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) on their Damask Finish or Robusto
  • Finish stock. Casino Grade French Paper Stock
  • Both versions will not be reprinted

Take a alook at the last point where it states there will not be any reprints so any deck you get your hands on are of limited quantity in the world.

Card Experiment is not a newbie in creating playing cards and you can find their past work on their official website.


Realms Playing Cards (Kickstarter page)

Card Experiment

Samsara (Wikipedia)

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