SINS playing cards

Giovanni Meroni of Thirdway Industries has done it again. With his previous projects being related to Gods, heros, myths and legends, SINS is a good deviation from Epics and a closer look at something closer to the hearts of human. The new deck is named SINS because they are based on the seven deadly sins which are listed in the Bible.

Here is a background description of SINS which I quoted from the project in

For the ones who want the true knowledge.
For the ones who don’t fear anything.
For the ones who are hungry.
For the ones who fight back.
For the ones who dream too high.
For the crazy ones. For the rebels. For the lovers.
For the humans.

Turn your back to Eden, eat the Apple of Knowledge.

As with the manner which he releases his Kickstarter projects, there will be three different decks to cover the theme. Namely the decks are Mentis, Corpus and Anima. Whoever has read the Bible will surly know that sin originated from two people, Adam and Eve. Being the original sinners, they will rightfully appear in the deck and they appear as Jokers in all the decks.

What you just saw above is the Mentis deck. Mentis is based on the SINS which influence thought. Greed (Diamonds), Envy (Clubs), Pride (Spades) and Lust (Hearts) represent thoughts.

Corpus will be the next deck I am introducing. Corpus will be the deck to represent SINS of the body namely, Wrath (Diamonds), Gluttony (Clubs), Sloth (Spades) and Lust (Hearts).

Lastly, and the most desirable and limited edition deck is Anima. After your mind and body has been corrupted with SINS, you might ask what is left? Your soul is the last barrier to complete the corruption. Anima represents the SINS of the soul. the colour of this deck is different from Mentis and Corpus. Like his previous projects, the limited edition uses a different colour to stand out. Since red represents human the most, red will be the colour of Anima.


SINS (Kickstarter project)

Thirdway Industries



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