Origins Shadows of History playing cards

I missed out on Rick Davidson‘s first project, Origins, but this time round I can do a write up on his new project, Shadows of History. The deck is inspired by historic drawings of some of the first playing cards in Europe. The artwork was sourced from a few locations including the British Museum, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Archives Department of Seine-Maritime, and Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge. I believe one of the drawings Rick managed to uncover is the picture below.

SOH Historic 1567.jpg

This is the first time I actually see the lower body of the court cards portraits hence, this is an eye opener to me. Nothing much has been revealed about the specifications or feature of the deck except that it is going to be manufactured by United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC).

The above screengrabs show what the cards will look like in the Shadows deck. The look and feel of the numbers and Aces are following the modern design of most typical playing cards. Only the court cards (Jack, Queen & King) are drawn differently. They look less flat and more 3D. There are 2 joker cards in Shadows deck, Adam and Eve is drawn on separate cards as joker.

Rouen 1567 is the companion deck for Shadows and they are directly inspired by historic designs. You can do the comparison between the pictures above and the one at the beginning of this article.

In my opinion, this should appeal to collectors who like to collect a piece of history. You will not get the playing deck produced in 16th century France but you can get a deck which looks similar but feel modern and new.


Origins Shadows of History (Kickstarter project)

Rick Davidson (Facebook)



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