Premium Bicycle Playing Cards

Premium Bicycle Playing Cards. What does that even mean? It simply means it is a premium grade of Bicycle branded playing cards. Trust us, we have the same reservations as you do when we saw this project. How premium can a deck of playing cards get? We are as clueless as you dear readers so we added in pictures of the deck for your visual scrutiny.

According to the project page, the cards reportedly feels smooth akin to silk! Take a look at their Kickstarter project page and read the narrative or read it below (we save you the time and precious data on your mobile network).

‘It’s been a while,’ they said.

‘Let’s make this one extra special,’ they said.

It was agreed that the reunion around the round table had to be memorable. An occasion.

Seasoned magicians, collectors and cardists, one and all, were returning.

Each tasked with bringing something special to the table. It fell upon you to bring the deck.

You sensed a collective intake of breath as you carefully placed gold tuck on green felt.

The figure seated to your left, unable to resist, eager to make contact with the golden foil exterior, reached for the treasure trove.

But you moved the pack beyond them.

This treasure was to be yours, had to be yours and yours alone a little longer.

You glanced at each familiar face in turn as they watched the cards float from the box.

Questions about the unique design on the reverse of each card were met with a gentle shake of your head.

Now was not the time for talk.

Now was the time for silent reverence.

They all understood. Appreciating being in the presence of elegance. Of sheer brilliance.

And even though your hands were familiar with the deck’s luxuriousness, that addictive sensation of silk, you were loathed to part with even a single card.

But eventually you dealt.

How effortlessly each card found its way across the table.

How eagerly each player received their cards.

Eager to feel their quality.

Hungry to savour the craft and feast upon unique designs that delighted the senses.

Deal complete, you looked around the table.

And for the first time ever, each one of them wore the same expression.

A self-satisfied smile.

Not a tell. Nor a sign that each held a winning hand.

Simply the sign of joy at being back.

And pure appreciation of playing card perfection.

We like the description of how the players savour the feel of the cards in their hands. To be a little bit disgusting, we imagined…. Gollum

Gollum Precious

Alright, disturbing image aside, we have no clue how the actual deck will feel but Elite Playing Cards is not a company that fails to deliver what is promised so we will have to take their word for it and wait for the actual deck to arrive. We at Red Hands has pledged for the project and we will rub our hands in earnest and get our fingers touching the cards. We might just turn into Gollum or not….

Some features of the Premium Bicycle Playing Cards:

  • Tuck box lavished with the velvety softness of Black French Vellum paper
  • Crafted with the integrity of the USPCC’S high-end casino web press, exclusively in Q1 Quality (the highest grade of playing card quality in the industry).
  • Elite has worked very closed with the USPCC to push the boundaries and achieve technical excellence. This is one of the most detailed tuck boxes we’ve ever manufactured. Elegant, luxurious, and refined.
  • Tuck box laced in Satin Gold Foil
  • Linen stock
  • Limited edition closure seal ($30K Stretch Goal)
  • Magic coating (the cards handle smoothly and last longer than regular decks)
  • Breathtaking artwork: 56 unique, hand-crafted playing cards
  • Quality, durable, Bicycle® stock
  • Manufactured by the USPCC – worldwide leader in playing cards manufacturing
  • Special limited edition run of 5,000 decks

Anyhow, they have add-ons which really made this feel complete as a playing card with betting chips and case to make this deck ready to gamble with your friends.

PBPC Luxury Wooden Box

We at Red Hands do not advocate gambling but the add-on is indeed available in their project so that’s that. There is one add-on which we think does justice to the word Premium and that is the gold gilded deck which is limited to 288 decks in the world.

PBPC Gold gilded edge

If all the cards in the project were gold gilded, that would really be premium! Buttttt…… That would make it less valuable.

Usually, Red Hands will do a write up on a playing card which is unique or it covers a certain theme. We break our own rules for this Premium Bicycle Playing Card because we are extremely curious to find out just how premium it will be.

Will Elite Playing Cards be able to deliver the goods or will they simply fall short of expectations? Only time can tell… When we say time, we mean September 2017.


Kickstarter project page

Elite Playing Cards

Elite Playing Cards (Facebook)


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