Marquis Playing Cards

Marquis or Marquess? The English spelling is Marquess but we’ve never seen that spelling ever in our lives until we did a google search on “Marquis” and Marquess returned as the result. We had to do a little bit of research of how that royal title came about because we don’t think it was common. We initially thought that Marquess is a female title to Marquis because usually “-ess” is referring to female titles like Empress, Countess and Duchess.

Back to Marquis, as it turned out, is a French spelling. The English spelling is indeed Marquess and the female equivalent is Marchioness. Hmmm… English is such a fascinating and confusing language some times.

Back to the subject of Marquis, it was a rank that is below a Duke but higher than a Count or Earl. We urge you to do your own research of Western Royal titles if you wish to know more because that is not the purpose of this article.

After three paragraphs of the introduction of Marquis, let us get into the purpose of this article. Marquis is the title of Brendan Hong’s latest playing card project in Kickstarter. One thing that struck us is the art style of the portraits of the royal courts. Ah ha! We see what he did there. Marquis and royal courts. That explains why his first project was titled, Dynasty. We guess it has something to do with the royal courts in poker cards. Next project name will be Empire we’d wager. The Marquis project consists of mainly two different decks, Noble and Royal, with a special deck, Imperial as a limited quantity release. All decks are manufactured by Expert Playing Cards and the project is still live on kickstarter and you still have a chance to pledge for  deck but it seem the imperial decks have finished.

The main colour theme of Noble is blue (we have no clue which shade it is, we’re guys) and let’s talk about the artwork because Brendan redrawn the traditional royal court portraits into something Anime-ish looking. Just look at the comparison below.

Look at the remaining pictures and will you look at the jokers, they are adorable! It’s a child wearing clown outfit. That is perhaps the closest description we can come up with.

Some features of the Noble deck listed by Brendan:

  • 54 fully unique custom cards
  • Unique court cards inspired by traditional court card design
  • Jokers and Ace of Spades unique to this edition
  • Printed on EPCC Classic Stock and Finish
  • Tuck case printed on premium synthetic stock for extended durability and tear resistance
  • Printing on the exterior and interior of the tuck case along with silver foiling
  • Limited to one print-run

The Royal box case is grey colour but the back of the cards is white. The artwork of the Royal deck is redesigned from the ground up. Not to demean the quality of his artwork but it looked rather cute and the joker are basically a child dressed up like a prince and princess. The prince even has a toy soldier and toy cannon.

Here are some features of the Royal deck:

  • Limited to only 800 editions printed
  • Limited to one print-run
  • Only available in limited tiers
  • 54 fully unique custom cards
  • Unique, illustrated court cards
  • Unique jokers and illustrated Aces only available in the limited editions
  • Back design stamped with gold foil and printed with metallic inks
  • Printed on EPCC Damask Stock and Finish
  • Tuck case printed on premium shimmering stock
  • Tuck case features exterior Copper and Silver foiling and embossing while the interior features Silver foil
  • Numbered seals with metallic foil

Lastly, the Imperial deck. The card designs are the same as Royal deck. The box case is white with gold and holo foil. What makes the Imperial deck truly worthy is the carat card case which is laser engraved.

Features of the Imperial deck:

  • Limited to only 200 decks
  • Limited to one print-run
  • Carat Card Cased enclosed edition limited to 75 decks
  • Only available in limited tiers
  • Features the same unique cards in the Royal Edition of Marquis Playing Cards
  • Tuck case printed on luxurious pearlescent paper stock
  • Tuck case features exterior gold and holo foiling and embossing while the interior features holo foiling
  • Unique holo-foil numbered seals
  • Fully engraved Carat Card Case
  • New Carat Card Case sized for a snug fit with EPCC decks

Below is a deck review by magicorthodoxy on youtube. If you like his review, kindly like his channel to receive updates on upcoming playing cards reviews.


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Marquis (Kickstarter project)

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Magicorthodoxy video review


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