TATTOOink Playing Cards

Tattoo ink playing cards is literally playing cards printed suing tattoo ink and it is a project envisioned by Charalambos Kourouklaris. When he put two things he love, the rest of us skeletons drawn into playing cards with tattoo ink which is named TATTOOink Playing Cards.

For his first project, he is releasing his skeleton drawings which will be the portraits for the royal courts.

The dressing style is medieval and instead of faces, you will see skulls. It feels like a deck made for Halloween or celebrating Day of the Dead medieval style. Although the portrait is nicely done, we have to admit the drawing feels raw and belongs in the sketching phase instead of being a actual end product on its own. Not to say the deck is bad but for a playing card, we feel it could be done better to make it feel like it is a deck of playing cards and not just drawings with poker pips printed on it. Speaking of which, we asked Andreas which company he will be using for the production of the cards and he is split between United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) and Legends Playing Cards Company (LPCC).

If the drawings can be touched up a little to look more refined and polished, the deck will be near perfection!

As for the jokers, there are two drawings. One is a jester and one is a bard. This completes the entire medieval backdrop of the playing cards.

Tattoo Joker

The back of the cards is in solid black colour with a skull in the middle

Tattoo Card back

The deck box is rather colourful for a playing cards of skulls.

There is a message at the base of the box, “Gambling is on the dark side. Play for fun”. We support that heavily.

If you go to the project Kickstarter page right now (project ending on 25th Apr 2017), you can get the wooden case. That is most definitely a keeper!


TATTOOink Playing Cards (Kickstarter page)

TATTOOink Playing Cards (Facebook)



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