Agenda Playing Cards

“What is your agenda?” That is a common question whenever people attend boring meetings in office. That also happens to be one half of the creative minds behind this deck of playing cards. Flagrant Agenda is a Singapore based, street fashion label that designs apparels with a contemporary and urban overtone with a strong focus on graphics and illustrations.

To further spread their vision and ideals, they attempt to use playing cards to express themselves and to attract a wider audience to their brand. We say that is ambitious since playing cards collection is a niche hobby especially in Singapore. However, being a fellow Singaporean here at Red Hands, we fully support them!

AGD Tuck case embossing

The creator wishes to convey a theme of responsible change and transformation which is part of their vision. To achieve this end, they used symbolism that associates with change. Most of them are pretty archaic while the rose is a somewhat odd addition.

AGD Symbology
Symbolism and meaning

An interesting factor that struck us is the lack of eyes on all of the court cards.  We have not seen alot of playing card designs adopting this style as it may appear too bland or flat. There is reason behind such a style used by Flagrant Agenda. It is to “express the lack of truth, honesty, wisdom and moral conscience we sometimes see in authority – the Kings, Queens and Princes of our society – and why there is an impetus for a call for change“. Given the strange and outrageous times we live in right now, there is a critical need to push for change.

There are two deck designs or rather colours to Agenda playing cards. White Agenda is the “base” offering while Black Agenda is the stretchable goal at SG$12,000 (still locked).


Remember that we mentioned the Black Agenda? It is still beyond reach because it is a stretchable goal at SG$12,000 which is SG$2,353 away (as of 29 Apr 2017). They need more backers to make the Black Agenda a reality. Allow us to convince you with some rendered pictures we ripped borrowed from their project page.

Some specifications of the playing cards you will be getting:

  • Fully Customized Deck with 2 Jokers
  • Spot UV Printed Tuck Case on Thick Matte Stock
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Company with Damask Finish
  • Tuck Case Embossing
  • Clean & Monotone Design with 2 Colour Scheme
  • Limited to 1000 Decks (per colour)
  • Silver & Red Foil & Numbered Sticker Seal

Like what you have seen so far? Go on and pledge for their project on Kickstarter! What is your Agenda for not doing so?!


Flagrant Agenda (website)

Flagrant Agenda (Facebook page)

Agenda Playing Cards (Kickstarter project page)

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