Sinister Playing Cards

Sinister Playing Cards. With a name like that, you would involuntarily associate the playing cards with horror or evil or simply just mean. That is where you are dead wrong. There is another meaning albeit archaic;  of, on, or towards the left-hand side.

This is something unlike we’ve seen before. A deck of playing cards which allows left handed players to fan out using their left hands.

Sinister Pip relocation

The deck consists of 18 “face cards” which consists of 12 courts cards, 4 aces and 2 jokers. Each drawing is drawn by Michael White. Each suit will feature a category of famous lefties.

Sinister royal courts

Spades (Historical Figures)

ACE – Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin

KING – Leonardo Da Vinci

QUEEN – Helen Keller

JACK – Mark Twain

Clubs (Politicians)

ACE – Barack Obama

KING – Julius Caesar

QUEEN – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

JACK – Fidel Castro

Hearts (Musicians)

ACE – Mozart

KING – David Bowie

QUEEN – Lady Gaga

JACK – Paul McCartney

Diamonds (Film)

ACE – Diane Keaton

KING – Kermit The Frog

QUEEN – Oprah

JACK – Charlie Chaplin

The creator, Tiger Smith, has a stretch goal ahead and that is to include more drawings of famous lefties into the numbered cards and not just the typical court cards. In order to do that, the project needs to reach a funding of US$25,000 and as of right now, the funding has only reached the US$19,000. With another 4 days left to go, time is really running out.


Sinister definition (English Oxford Living Dictionary)

Sinister Playing Cards (Kickstarter project)





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