Creature Comfort Playing Cards

We’re going to use words that usually do not positively associate with most of the playing cards projects we covered. But hey, this is what we do, we write about playing cards that are unique, beautiful, strange or just out of this world. Don Moyer‘s latest project comes under the category of strange and it takes someone with an acquired taste to appreciate it.

Before we continue to unravel the playing cards, there is a need to do a little bit of introduction about its maker, Don Moyer. According to his profile on Kickstarter, it says he is a “Don is a retired graphic designer who now has the freedom to squander his days on self-inflicted projects. Don has a long list of silly projects he’d like to bring to Kickstarter.” He is also the owner of Calamityware which sells porcelain ware decorated with his quirky drawings. His drawings on the porcelain wares will put all your porcelain to shame. Wait no more, we urge you to go to his site and take a look. He also sells other products like bandannas, handkerchiefs and puzzles. If you want to find out more about his work, you can also go to his flickr page.

Caution, the rest of the article may be uncomfortable for some.

If you had followed the links to his webshop and flickr, you are now ready to look at his latest project, Creature Comfort Playing Cards. Unlike all other articles we’d written, this is the outlier. Take a look at the court cards yourself.

CC JacksCC QueensCC Kings

If you are thinking, “What is that??”  You’re not alone. So the court cards features monsters, bugs, demons, insects, rodents and other sort of creatures that make you go ewwww or yucks. We had that reaction for a few seconds and the next thought was “This has to be featured here on Red Hands!”

The creatures on the court cards are not holding knives, swords, clubs, etc. The portraits are showing different types of creatures holding their favourite “comfort food” as described by Don. He’s so sweet to make sure they don’t go hungry.

The uniqueness does not end there. Each pip design is unique for each number and suit. You will observe that the pip design on the 6 and 8 Clubs are different. Same goes for 8 and 10 Hearts. You definitely have to look at the corners to tell the card’s suit.

CC Number cards
Every pip design is unique

CC AcesCC Card backs

The project offers two decks with different colour card backs. You can see from above that the card back comes in either black or red. The face designs on both decks are the same though. This is where we think it doesn’t make plenty of sense to get both black and red decks. United States Playing Cards Company will be manufacturing this project so you know the quality will be of a certain standard.

If you think that such a weird and distasteful playing cards will hardly be funded, you are dead wrong. As of right now, 12 May 2017 00:44am (GMT +8), this project received US$23,887 of the US$9,000 needed. That means this project is 265% funded. You think this is a joke? Think again.




Creature Comfort Playing Cards (Kickstarter Project)


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