Bones Playing Cards

We’re not playing bones here nor do we know how but from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be too difficult…

That’s not us by the way, just a video we found on youtube on how to play the bones. The only reason why we wanted to share that is because we want to expose you with knowledge that is beyond simply playing cards.

Now that you know that there is such an activity as “playing bones”, let’s go to the topic at hand and talk about Bones Playing Cards launched by Brain Vessel Artist Series and illustrated by Jason Kreiger. First of all, we find this project to be the most macabre project in Kickstarter we have seen since Red Hands began in Feb 2017. However, it’s not terrifying or anything, just a little disturbing to see bones of animals. To put it in a lighthearted manner, it’s like having Superman’s X-ray eyes. We found this video on Brain Vessel’s Facebook page and thought it would be nice to show you as well.

There are two editions in Bones Playing Cards, the dull and grey Dust and the bright and vigorous Rebirth and both will be manufactured by United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) and the paper stock will be Bicycle stock. The color theme suits the name of the edition quite nicely. To better differentiate the two different editions, the creator has put in some effort to come up with two different card back designs to distinctly separate them apart. The tuck box cover designs are uniquely different from each other as well.

However, that is the biggest difference you can see. Which is kind of a let down to be honest. Besides the color theme, there isn’t any other noticeable difference between Dust and Rebirth. The pip designs and the mandala in the background are the same.

Dust Aces
Aces design (Dust)

However, having said that, we feel that the art style and the details of the illustration are finely done. It is as good as seeing real bones of these animals. The project also offers add-ons to make the collection more worthwhile. If you’re wondering why there’s a motif of a ship on the leather pouch and dice and you thought it could be left over add-ons from their previous projects, Seven Seas and Seven Seas Master Collection, we can’t blame you. However, think on that fact that the company is called Brain Vessel and vessel meaning ship as well. So the motif on the coin and pouch can actually be their company logo!

Lastly, they recently added a new pledge level, Raven Pledge.

Bones Raven Pledge
New Raven Pledge

We are astonished by the collector box because of the carving of the raven’s bones. We have not seen anything collector box with carving as intricate as this. We have included some images of said box.

As of this writing, there are still 2 weeks left to pledge for this project if you have not done so. If you like it, pledge for it. If you have the cash to spare, get the Raven reward!


Playing Bones

Bones Playing Cards (Kickstarter project)

Brain Vessel Cargo

Seven Seas

Seven Seas Master Collection


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