Hanami Hanafuda playing cards

This next project is definitely something refreshing. It is inspired by Japanese traditional card games which isn’t something we see commonly outside of Japan. We feel that this is a project worthy of a mention on our page because we are introduced to a totally new card game called Hanafuda. Designed by Jason Johnson of IndianWolf Studios LLC and illustrated by Antonietta Fazio-Johnson of Inner Hue Art Studio LLC.

From the words itself, you can guess it is from Japan. Hanafuda (花札) which literally translates to “flower cards”, it is a set of playing cards which can be used to play a number of games. Despite it originating from Japan, it is also played in Korea and Hawaii.

To better understand what is hanafuda, we did a little Google search and found this flash game. The flash game is Koi Koi and basically the objective of the game is to collect as many cards as possible to match a combination or “yaku”. You get awards a certain number of points based on what “yaku” you achieved. It feels like a stripped down version of mahjong. So Koi Koi is just one of the traditional games you can play using hanafuda cards and there are many other games you can play using these cards.

Hanami Hanafuda gives you that opportunity to learn more about the various other games you can play using hanafuda cards. The project offers not just decks of cards but it also has the hanafuda rule book as add-ons. So if you cannot find a reward that includes the rulebook, just scroll further down the project page and you’ll find instructions on how to get the rulebook.

Let’s focus on the decks of cards. There are two decks available in this project. The Hanami deck and the Fusion deck.

Hanami HNFD Fus tuck box

The Hanami deck will be the traditional hanafuda cards without any indication of poker pips.

The drawing are following the traditional hanafuda cards design if you cared to read about it. If you want this cards but as more of a western poker playing cards, the Fusion deck will be able to fulfill that need.

Hanami Fus card designHanami Fus Months

Are you still reading this article at this point? Good, because we want to point out a feature you might have missed. There are 4 cards to a “month” and there are 12 “months” in a year. The design follows the season cycle, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The Fusion deck has the koi cards as the king suit since there are 13 numbers in a suit of poker cards.

After reading so much and you still ask why should you get this deck. We can only say that this is truly unique and you probably will not see a similar project in a long time. The design follows closely to brush painting method and has Japanese influence in them. That’s obvious since these are cards used for Japanese card games. If you’re worried about the quality of these cards, don’t be. Legends Playing Cards Company will be manufacturing these cards once it gets funded.

There are 8 more days to fund this project and right now it has barely achieved half its intended pledge amount. Go on and make this a reality.


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