Cocktail Playing Cards

“What can I get you?” A common question asked by bartenders all over the world in their own native languages. In order for us to get a drink quicker, we have to ask our female friend to talk to the bartender if he was a guy. While this may not certainly be true all over the world, it sure doesn’t hurt if you’re good looking, the bartender will have their eyes on you quicker. Just kidding, the secret art to getting a drink in a crowded bar faster is to tip generously and be a nice person to the barkeep.

The reason why we’re spouting nonsense is because of Cocktail Playing Cards by Jason Cheng. Before we go any further into this article, let’s take some time to wonder about the word, cocktail. How in the world does a tail of a cock become the name of a type of drink? This mystery has dogged us ever since we’re legal enough to step into a bar and experience a world of intoxication and cheap regrets.

We did some searching around in google on the origin of cocktail and found that there are a few common stories and decide to share this from Chowhound. We decided to go with the second theory listed on that site.

During the Colonial period, tavern keepers stored their spirits in casks. When the casks got near empty, the dregs, or tailings, would be mixed together into one barrel and sold at a reduced price—poured from the spigot, which was referred to as the cock. Patrons wanting this cheaper alcohol would come in asking for “cock tailings.”

That seemed the most aligned as to how cocktails are concocted nowadays. A mix of different spirits with other liquids/things to be a cocktail.

If you want to appear like a pro in front of your peers in knowing the various types of common cocktail drinks there are, there’s 2 ways to achieve that. One is to spend a great deal of time and money in different bars and ordering every cocktail drink they have on their menu. The other cheaper way is to get Cocktail Playing Cards to know more about them.

The one thing that struck us most is the simple and yet elegant design of the overall feel. First the card back design. The wording are akin to the style of neon lights fonts you see on billboards. Many bars and clubs continue to utilise such fonts even till this day. Next is the diagram of a cherry which is a common ingredient in some cocktails, the other fruit more commonly used is lime.

CT Design

The design of 2 of 4 pips used in this playing cards are uniquely designed. Instead of heart and club, you will find a wine glass and a cherry instead. This is one of the many reasons why we love to talk about unique playing cards launched through Kickstarter. Designers love to try new ideas and things and they are not entirely afraid to break away from the norm.

CT Numbers

Remember we said about learning more about cocktails through this playing cards? Every court card is a drink and on the card face will be the ingredients and their quantity needed to make the drink.

This is so useful for party games where a deck of playing cards can be a full blown drinking game. We’ll leave it to your imagination to come up with party drinking games. We have full faith in your devious minds.

That is about all we can talk about this project since the creator did not post more information about it. As of right now, the project is funded with only 47 backers with a raised amount of HK$25.540 which is about US$3.270. Something doesn’t really add up properly here. We are guessing there are a few big backers to push this deck into reality.

If you like what you see, there is still 46 hours left to pledge for this project


Cocktail Playing Cards (Kickstarter Project)

Origin of Cocktail


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