Vizago Playing Cards

I am going to present a deck that we usually do not write about. This is about pure design and colouring which make this playing cards unique on Kickstarter. That ladies and gentlemen is the relaunch of Vizago playing cards designed by Annette Abolins.

The first time Annette started this project on Kickstarter, it did not meet the desired goal. Despite the unfortunate failure to meet the target the first time round, she isn’t defeated but tried hard to find ways to make her vision for Vizago a reality. You maybe thinking what will be so different about this time round? We searched her blog to find out:

  • Lower Funding Goal = $11,000 AU
  • Lower single deck price = $17 AU
  • 1st Edition (shown on tuck box) – limited print quantity
  • Standard tuck box – which has a nice semi-matte finish
  • Lower stretch goal for the blue deck
  • Early Bird decks up for grabs (1, 2, 6 and 12 deck options)
  • 2 bundle rewards with deck(s) and postcard print pack

At first glance, I was trying to determine the theme that could be the inspiration for the colour themes for this deck. At first I thought this is inspired by the four seasons (I’ll explain more later in this article) but nowhere in the Kickstarter page was that idea ever implied. Instead, the central theme for Vizago is the meaning itself which is the Esperanto word for face. Annette chose this name because the artwork is themed around colourfully segmented faces in a style influenced by woodcut and line drawing techniques.

One feature that is outstanding is the use of different colours for each suit. Let’s begin with Diamonds suit. The Diamonds face looks back, overseeing home & stability.

Remember how I said the four seasons came to mind when I was looking at Vizago? I have pretty good reasons. Look at the predominant green and lime colour, it’s a colour closely associated with Spring.

We proceed with the Hearts suit which is a vibrant red colour with lush light green. The faces of Hearts look back, harbouring love & emotional connection.

Doesn’t that rich vibrant colour remind you of Summer? Red is the colour of life and Summer is where flowers bloom and everybody starts to enjoy summer activities.

Clubs face on the number pips are looking forward and they signify initiating innovation & action.

The colour palettes used are larges yellow and brown where plant life is slowly wilting away and decaying to return to Earth much like Autumn.

Lastly, the court of Spades. The face on the pips are again forward looking towards sight & wisdom.

Blue dominates the colour scheme for Spades and doesn’t it just remind you of winter where it’s cold and in some parts of the world, covered in ice.

There you have it, the way I look at the playing cards project, it seems to follow the four seasons. It is most likely not how the creator envisioned it to be but this is how it felt to me.

There is another edition that remains as an unlockable goal. Lumino deck is the unlock goal at $18,000. The edition offered in this project is the Lumina deck. The Lumina deck is defined by the red colour on the card back and the direction of the faces on the tuck box cover. The face on the right looks like it is closing in to kiss the face on the left.

VIZ Lumina Tuck Card Back

Take a look at Lumino. The colour of this deck is blue in colour and the direction of the faces on the tuck box design is opposite of Lumina.

VIZ Lumino Tuck Card Back

I am pretty sure that four seasons have nothing to do with the colour theme of this project but I cannot shake off that association in my head.

To end this article, I would like to point out that the cards will be manufactured by Legends Playing Cards Company (LPCC) on classic finish and orders will be fulfilled by Gambler’s Warehouse.

There is less than 2 weeks before this project ends and it has only reach 65% of it’s goal. Go on and pledge for this project if you like loud and bold colours on your playing cards.


Vizago Playing Cards

Abolin Art


Legends Playing Cards Company

Gambler’s Warehouse



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