Burger Playing Cards

If you’re hungry while reading this, you might just eat your monitor. If you really eat your monitor, this proves that Burger Playing Cards by Flaminko Playing Cards is too appetizing.

Let’s spend a little bit more time into the theme which is hamburgers. Now, many people will associate the burger with America since most fast food chain we know originate from America. One only need to look at McDonald’s as the largest fast food chain in the world and being an American brand, people naturally assume that hamburgers are created in the USA. While that maybe true, these humble burger might have been originated from Hamburg, Germany. This article from Tori Avey provides some possible origin stories for the hamburger.

Back to the cards, Flaminko went on to make everything delicious. The pips have been redesigned to resemble components of a burger.

Burger Pips

Spades = Patty

Hearts = Tomatoes

Clubs = Lettuce

Diamonds – Cheese

Here is how it looks like for the Aces.

Burger Aces

The royal court cards are simply pictures of a burger but there are some thought into how it’s designed. Kings carry a knife or spatula, queens carry condiments and jacks are just standing around with their chef hats. Only royalty gets to wear crown.

Burger Spade CourtBurger Heart CourtBurger Club CourtBurger Diamond Court

What are hamburgers without onions and pickles? Because they are an important ingredient of a hamburger, they are picked as the jokers of this deck.

Burger Joker

Here are how the number cards look like.

Burger playing cards doesn’t take itself too seriously like some of the projects that are listed on Red Hands. It is light hearted enough to be a small gift and also fun to play with at a friend’s party drinking beers and eating chicken wings. You just have to make sure you don’t eat the cards!

If you are really getting this as a gift for your friends, you can pledge for half a brick and you can get the big burger!


Burger Playing Cards

Flaminko Playing Cards

A Brief History of Hamburgers


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