WTF Playing Cards

For those of you who do not know what the acronym, WTF, stands for, let me educate you and say it crudely “What The Fuck”. This project escaped my eye simply because of the title. I did not take the project seriously when I first saw the title because who names their project in such flippant manner?

A few days later and I noticed this project is overly funded and this piqued my interest. I decided to look into the project with a keen eye and did not regret it. Initially, I thought this is those “yet another cardistry deck with a different fancy card back design“. I found myself immensely surprised and awed.

I normally don’t write about cardistry decks because I tend to focus on playing cards that have a theme or unique. WTF Playing Cards do not have a theme other than cardistry but it is highly unique and you will know why soon enough.

Before I show you pictures of the cards, I would like to talk a little bit on cardistry. Anything from here on is just my opinion. What is cardistry? To put it crudely, it means playing with your cards in a fancy manner that borders along the possible and impossible and leaves the minds of your audience fascinated. That isn’t the official definition whatsoever, it’s more of my own opinion. Some people defines cardistry as art because of the skill required to perform the tricks while some thinks it’s just fancy parlour tricks. Whatever it is, you cannot deny that certain level of skill and finesse are required.

I like to stress that there is only ONE edition in WTF playing cards with no special editions whatsoever. The card faces have two colours divided diagonally, black and white, providing you the option to have a few different effects when you fan the cards. Without boring you with more words, let’s take a look at the cards when it is fanned out!


The left is the white effect and the right is the black effect. Take a look at the next picture.

WTF Fan Mixed

As if that is not enough, here is the fanning of the card back.


Now, here comes the truly unique part about this project. You can basically make words using these cards. There isn’t any pips on the cards as they have been replaced with letters and punctuation marks like question mark or full stop.  All you need to do is to strategically place the top card to cover the other side of the card below. It’s difficult trying to describe so just take a look for yourselves.


Did I mention that there is only ONE edition in this project? In case you missed that, let me just reiterate. This is the reason why I am featuring this project despite it being a cardistry deck.

Red Hands do not usually feature cardistry decks but this is the exception because of its uniqueness and true to its premise, it has elevated cardistry to a new visual level. This is a deck that definitely is worthy of a pledge and you should pledge for it soon because this project is into its last week.


WTF Cardistry

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