People who visit this site is wondering what am I doing here so this page will explain exactly that. Actually, hang on a bit. I can’t really explain for sure but one thing is for certain, I appreciate good designs and somehow these playing cards design has a certain allure that just makes me want to buy and collect them. I only get into contact with playing cards posted on Kickstarter.com and most of what I post here will be related to the projects in Kickstarter.

This is where this project, Red Hands, comes in. It will be a medium where I will post information to share with everyone on the Internet. In order to capture a bigger audience, I will use other social media platforms to reach out.

Another objective from this project of mine is that from time to time when I pledge for playing cards in Kickstarter, I might buy surplus and I will plan to sell them to other interested parties as well. If there are other collectors or retailers who are of the same mind, perhaps we can work together in a partnership.

I will share more details as to how to buy these playing cards from time to time. As of right now, enjoy browsing though the content on my website!

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