Pipmen Collector’s Edition

In addition to the Pipmen: World playing cards, Elephant Playing Cards added another deck in their Kickstarter project and that is the Pipmen Collector’s Edition. One thing that interests me the most, is the cycle of life drawing on the back of the card. It illustrates the pipman as a baby growing up and growing old at the end of the cycle. The borders are littered with many drawings of random activities and the four corners of the card are occupied by kings and queens.


Let’s talk about the suits. Every single cards from 2 to Ace are never boring as it displays a different drawing of a unique scene. I really admire Ben Jones for his creativity to imagine so many scenes of Pipmen in various type of activities and situations.

Both the Pipmen: World and Pipmen Collector’s Edition are decks that truly deserve a spot in your collection box.

If they deserve to earn a spot in your collection, Red Hands is offering an early pre-order for Pipmen: World and Pipmen Collector’s Edition


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Pipmen: World (Kickstarter project)

Pipmen: World playing cards

PW Origin.jpg

The above illustration explains very plainly what the heck Pipmen are. Pipmen are not super heros like Supermen but you will still find them intriguing and highly amusing as this article progresses. These Pipmen live in their own world of fun and adventure in the world of poker cards. Thanks to the creative mind of Ben Jones, founder of Elephant Playing Cards, we do know that poker cards do not have to be boring and it has the ability to be a great collector design piece.


Here are some features of the Pipmen: World playing cards:

  • Shiny silver foil accents
  • Thick luxurious paper stock
  • Custom Pipmen seal
  • Interior printing (if stretch goal reached)
  • Printed by the world-class Legends Playing Card Co.

The illustrations above will have probably shown you the world these pipmen are living in. This is so much more fun than your traditional playing cards. These cards from Pipmen will guide them to your inner peace.Let me show you the entire deck of Pipmen slowly coming together to form a jigsaw puzzle. The animated gif below can explain the concept better.


Still not convinced how it will look like in real life? Don’t fret because I managed to find a youtube video by Magic Orthodoxy that shows you the deck in real life and up close.

The Pipmen: World playing cards has been fully funded and is also available for early pre-ordering through Red Hands!


Elephant Playing Cards (Facebook)

Pipmen: World (Kickstarter project)

Magic Orthodoxy