HANA playing cards

Flower or Hana in Japanese is the latest project by Steve Minty. I have my sights on him for some time after I took a look at his past projects like Anubis & Osiris and Olympia. The artwork is both detailed and precise. Depending on the theme of the playing decks he is working on, he will use a style that suits the theme.

I find myself duly impressed with his HANA deck. The cards are designed using Japanese culture and art as inspiration which leads up to the kind of style you see in the picture gallery above. The HANA series will have two decks, day (red) and night (blue). Although the pictures are the same for both decks as you might have seen, the colouring is different and Steve adds some slight difference in some of the suits.

Due to more backers pledging for this project, Steve has unlocked more rewards; silver Samurai coin, Gold and Silver cards depicting the Ace of Spades for each respective decks.

Personally, I think this is a must get deck for any collector especially if you’re a big fan of Japanese culture and history.


HANA (Kickstarter project)

Steve Minty

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